Saturday, June 27, 2009

New crop circle with supposed extraterrestrial message

A new extravagant crop circle has just been found in the UK. The elaborate design, which even seems to show areas of shading, is already getting lots of attention world wide. The most remarkable thing about the crop circle in question is the fact that it seems to contain what appears to be a message from beyond the stars.

No one is entirely certain about what the message is. It does not seem to match any known current language on Earth. Experts have identified some symbols which they claim match that of a number of past civilizations. These civilizations include but are not limited to the Mayas, Ancient Phoenician and the Staveless Runes. So is this really a message from an extraterrestrial race trying to contact mankind, or was it simply the work of hoaxers? Until more evidence is bought forward, and more research is done on the subject, the answer remains a mystery.
We need help to uncover and solve this mystery. Are there any experts out there who want to give it a shot. Is there anyone out there who can identify any more symbols in the pattern? Will you be the one to solve the puzzle?

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